I am grateful for the one…

Life can overcome us all, hardships and trials. Many forget that others are suffering just as we all struggle. Many become self involved during their storms. Few care enough to reach out to others when they are in need themselves. I’m grateful for the one who takes a moment to think and act for others and is willing to overcome their own suffering to help others in theirs.

ⒸML Malta 2018

Own your life!

“Never ALLOW your thoughts to become feelings you hate.” – ML Malta

Own your life, and own your outcomes by controlling your thoughts. Just because you think it, or it pops into your head does it mean it is true or you have to own it. Who really decides how you feel? YOU have the power to control your life, you don’t have to be driven by thoughts you don’t like. – ML Malta

I love you more!

20180718_071246_00018808019664298504651.jpgLove is not a competition, but if it was, I would surely win. I love you so much more every single day and every moment in between. You are my life, the breath in my lungs, the beat in my heart and the bounce in my step. A love like this just keeps growing. With you I can never lose. ©ML Malta 2018


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©ML Malta 2018


A Matter Of Being

cristian-newman-273305 (1)Contain me, love me, feel me with your soul — Let me in. Allow me to breathe deeply the hope of tomorrow and exhale the past.

My tears seep into my soul, never hitting the ground or salting my lips.

My heart aches. My being cries for everything and nothing… the worlds standards are not my own.

My thirst is deeper than a well, my hunger is for more than sustenance.

My soul yearns through every sleeping and conscious moment.

The mystery of love and happiness a constant pull.

I am an alien in a strange world, lost, waiting to be found, yet undeniably founded in the truth.

©ML Malta 2017

Hindsight Emancipates Foresight


christopher-campbell-30253Walking in misdirection and stumbling through life we can only surmise the question of who we are? It is an epic tale, life is complex…

Carrying the weight of the world on fickle shoulders we are often beyond our own comprehension. Moments are fleeting, memories forever and regardless of how alone we have felt he journey has always been shared.

Looking back over our lives experiences — the conversations, the thoughts and the emotions, we can see how much we have evolved into who we are today.

Wisdom created over years of misjudgment initiates new direction and hope. Shaped by moments we have learnt through hindsight to initiate foresight and better judgment within our interactions of others and self.

Hindsight emancipates foresight through the lessons we have learned, and with it the evolution of soul begins, and our lives unfold. Our past can show us the error of our ways, the misjudgment, and the blurred vision we held of others and what we assumed of ourselves.

Pride and shame can savage ones being, yet, the lessons we learn humble the soul, enable us to build character and encompass integrity which allow us become the people we always believed to become.

©ML Malta 2017


cameron-ahlvers-257759Quietly standing with eyes closed tight, we can feel his presence containing us.

Wrapped up in beautiful love, in awe of his magnificence we are drawn into a knowing of pure grace and abounding love.

A place that wherever we may go, he guides us with his hand; a soul tie woven into our very being.

To be a part of a connection, that also disconnects and to be a part of a family that never rejects.

How precious it is to find that the Lord God can hold you in his palm, breathing you into life everlasting?

To be a child born of love that is redeemed into his heart.

Oh, how special you are, that you have been handpicked from a world of brokenness and made whole.

You are a beautiful flower, taken and planted in soil so rich and fruitful.

Never again will you walk alone — never again will you be lost.

A beautiful flower, picked especially to be a part of Christ’s family that rejoices in salvation.

You are the rose in a world of thorns — never forget how precious you are.

You have been handpicked by God.

©ML Malta 2017


**Originally written in 2003