Still There

I’m still here. I am lost within myself, but I am still here. I cannot express my truth, but I am still here.

I cannot recall things or people, but I am still here. I cannot be independent and my body doesn’t listen, but I am still here.

I am not the person I was or that you remember, but I am still here. I feel as though I am not me anymore, but I know, am still here.

I forget, yet I am not to be forgotten. I still feel and see, touch and breathe. My words and actions do not make sense to you or to me, but I’m still here.

Please do not forget me while I’m trapped within my walls. I am still here.

– ML Malta



I decided many year’s ago that no matter what happens to me, whatever comes against me, tries to hurt me, tear me down or destroy me… It will not succeed. I refuse to bow down to anything that is against me. I will fight the good fight regardless of the obstacles the pain, and hardships associated with it all. Even if I lose my life I’d gain it. My SPIRIT and my MIND will not be broken. My faith heals my soul and renews my hope. I renew my mind and trust the word of God above any feeling, or voice that tries to tear me down. I am more than a conqueror. I am a warrior!

Ⓒ ML Malta 2018

Own your life!

“Never ALLOW your thoughts to become feelings you hate.” – ML Malta

Own your life, and own your outcomes by controlling your thoughts. Just because you think it, or it pops into your head does it mean it is true or you have to own it. Who really decides how you feel? YOU have the power to control your life, you don’t have to be driven by thoughts you don’t like. – ML Malta

Life isn’t easy, but it is worth it!

It is easy to tell everyone how bad life is and effort to change it. I know life is hard. I know life is a struggle and there often seems to be no end to the trouble and hardships. But there is!

How often do you find yourself going through the same stuff over and over again? Reliving the same drama with different people? Or similar types of people with new problems? Life can give us the same lessons over and over until we break the pattern. What’s the lesson? Until we mature and understand the lesson, we can easily spend a large portion of our lives digging big old ugly ditches that feel like compacted mud. We just feel stuck. Learning takes time, it takes focused effort and dedication… if you want to change your life you need to start taking a look at what life is trying to teach you. The lessons could be simple, or difficult. Every lesson personalized for you to become your best self. The only way to find the lesson is start evaluating it, asking yourself questions and being honest with yourself.

We are often living our lives for other people, forgetting ourselves in the process. This can cause all sorts of problems to yourself, including other’s. Be true, be you. Make peace a priority, if anything for your sanity, i’m sure i’m not alone here. It all gets overwhelming! It isn’t our natural state. Become a better you today. Give your body the rest, nutrients and emotional peace it deserves. We are not designed to be in pain and stress.

What have you been overlooking, side stepping, putting off, forgetting, not forgiving, talking about, regretting, holding on to and replaying over and over in your mind? Our life and lessons are our own, however, the gifts of joy and peace are for those who seek it out and is possible for everyone to achieve. As they say, seek and you shall find. As corny as it sounds, it is true! If you truly want something bad enough you will do what ever is necessary to get there. Learn… ask questions, study, research, join groups, seek out people and the information to mature required to grow into the person you desire to be. Do what ever you can to get where you want to be!

Life happens, but you can change your experience of it. Remember, what you think about is what you attract and reaffirm. If we are constantly thinking about how hard life is how can we possibly feel good? Or if we are just angry and hard done by all the time, how can we see past it? Constantly dragging up and focusing on our torments creates a tormented mind. If we focused on the positive aspects of life we can have hope, and start seeking joy again. We have to take control of what we think about and how it is driving us. Moreso, to where?

It is possible to stop the noise in your head, it is possible to stop being depressed because you woke up that way, it is possible to heal from brokenness and be the person that’s waiting inside to come out and live.

Do not let the world and life steal your joy and life, it’s yours to take back! We need to be actively aware of the direction our lives are taking and take over the wheel. Participation in the development of yourself and your future is intrinsic to a better life. Do not sit idly by and watch it fall apart. Do not allow hopelessness to devour what is left! Take it back today! Right now! Make a choice and set yourself a plan. Do what ever it takes to save your life! If life has put you under a bus, don’t stay there! You are more than able to get up, drive that bus and regain control of it.

I believe in you, now you believe in yourself. You have got this and life doesn’t have to be set on a rinse and repeat cycle of despair. Your life is invaluable to the world, you might not feel that now, but it is. You are incredibly important. Just remember it won’t be easy, change never is, but if you persist – you will WIN!

How wonderful, to imagine a future that is bright, and hopeful regardless of life’s storms! What a truly great place to be.

Good luck on your journey and congratulations for making a step toward freedom.